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Oh where is our festival gone%3F

What can we do to make up for music festivals being cancelled this summer?

Nicola Byrne 
Music enthusiast and loves blogging, giving me a helping hand

We have all heard this week that unfortunately all events of 5000 or more people have been canceled until the end of august in Ireland. This sadly means that a lot of our favourite festivals have been put on hold until next year. After being shut in for so long this can be a bummer for any of us out there who had bought tickets for these events.

If you were planning on going to any of these events there are some things we can do for to give us a pick me up from missing some of our favourite acts.

Now I know you're thinking what could we possibly do to make up for missing these events? That's where we have to start getting creative and making our own events for this summer. Let’s say you and your friends were excited to go see Kendrik Lamar at Longtitude this year. Get your friends together and throw the best Kendrick Lamar themed party you can think of. If you can't go to the event, bring the event right to your front door. Themed parties can be a great hit with people and it will get you pumped for the next time you’ll get to see these acts.

Although we would all love to be right at the front of a mosh pit rocking out to live events, there are so many opportunities to have this atmosphere at your local pubs and nightclubs. Get on to these venues to throw themed nights where they play the music that would have been on at these events. You may not get to be right in the middle of a live event but the atmosphere can be just as good in a nightclub with the right touch.

The most important thing to take from the unfortunate cancelation of these events is to think of how we can turn it around and get a positive from it. We all talk about how nightclub’s can become boring when we hear the same music each weekend so lets start the movement of getting all these themed events organised so we can still look forward to a great night out. Let's bring out the positivity in everyone by thinking of these kinds of fun ideas that we can do to keep our summer filled with great music and great nights out.

Here's to a summer like no other created by the people to keep the love of music and events going


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